About me.

Hello, I'm Jessica. I'm a front-end developer with an eye for design and a passion for creating great experiences with code. My innate curiosity extends into my web development career and as a result, I enjoy learning new practices and technologies.

At heart, I am a self-starter that believes in learning by doing. I demonstrate this by creating personal projects in addition to delivering client-initiated work. I’ve had the honor of collaborating with producers, designers, animators, QA analysts, and fellow developers to deliver engaging websites. In addition to technical ability, I also possess the intangible qualities of having an eye for detail, the ability to learn quickly as well as being adaptable and resourceful.

I look forward to facing the unique challenges that each project presents as they are opportunities for further professional growth. I am eager to bring both my technical skills and personal attributes to an organization where I can contribute to solving problems efficiently and help create experiences that users ultimately enjoy.

About this site.

This is a static site built with Jekyll and is hosted on Github Pages. The two fonts used are Roboto Slab and Open Sans which can be found on Google Fonts. The arrow icon is from The Noun Project (attribution to Daniel Baker). Credit to Burhan Khawaja for the Chrome browser mockup used to highlight my work on project pages. About page photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash.