Google Fiber

“Find a Tech Partner” and “Become a Tech Partner” Pages

Google Fiber offers internet, TV, and phone services to residences and businesses in select cities across the United States. As an added benefit to small businesses, Google Fiber partners with local IT companies (known as Tech Partners) to provide their expertise in setting up Fiber services.

In the second phase of working with Google Fiber, Hook developed two responsive pages aimed at connecting small businesses and IT companies. The “Find a Tech Partner” page provides information to small businesses about the benefits of working with a Tech Partner and showcases a tool that enables them to search for partners based on location, industry, and services offered. Conversely, the “Become a Tech Partner” page (now disabled), detailed the advantages of a partnership with Google Fiber and concluded with an opportunity to apply to become a Tech Partner.

Throughout the project, Hook worked closely with a Google software engineer to quickly learn the Fiber tech stack and to ensure our code met strict style and security standards. The end results were both pages delivered to spec and a happy client.

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS (Sass/Compass), JavaScript, Angular Material, Google Closure Library, Google Closure Compiler

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Google Fiber Find a Tech Partner page
Google Fiber Become a Tech Partner page
Google Fiber Find a Partner tool