Google Fiber

Fiber for Small Business Landing Page

Google Fiber offers internet, TV, and phone services to residences and businesses in select cities across the United States. Additionally, Google Fiber forms partnerships with local IT companies (known as Tech Partners), thus giving them opportunities to provide their expertise in setting up Fiber services.

Hook was tasked with building the small businesses landing page in the first of two phases working with Google Fiber. The page serves as an introduction to Google Fiber's offerings and features its benefits, pricing structure, and a call-to-action to find a Tech Partner.

Given a Sketch file, I was responsible for creating all of the markup and styles for the page, making adjustments along the way in order to adhere to Google's style guide. The page is fully responsive with styles organized using a mobile-first approach. Throughout development, I communicated frequently with a producer to quickly address any client feedback. Ultimately, the landing page was completed on time and to pixel perfection.

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS (Sass/Compass)

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Google Fiber Small Business page
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Google Fiber Small Business call to action