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YouTube Red Originals

YouTube Red is a paid, streaming subscription service launched by YouTube in 2015. The platform features ad-free streaming of videos and music, background video play, and the ability to save videos to watch offline. Additionally, the service has partnered with some of YouTube's biggest creators to offer YouTube Red Originals, a collection of shows and movies available exclusively to YouTube Red subscribers.

With a range of new shows and movies scheduled to release just before the 2016 holiday season, Hook designed and developed a responsive one page site to showcase current and upcoming YouTube Red Originals content. When landing on the site, users are presented with a filterable catalog of shows and movies. Upon selecting a thumbnail, the entire site takes on a new color scheme and features content specific to that show or movie. This includes a custom-cut, autoplaying background video trailer, a show/movie description, and the opportunity to watch either a free episode or a longer movie trailer.

YouTube Red Originals was built using the Google Polymer library and features both native and custom web components. Data about each show or movie is stored in a Google spreadsheet, which is then parsed and processed into JSON for use throughout the site. Animations written with the TweenMax library provide the finishing touches for a clean user experience.

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Google Polymer, TweenMax

YouTube Originals Home page
YouTube Originals Escape the Night header
YouTube Originals video player
YouTube Originals Unicorn Island page